The 31 Best Linkedin Tools for Lead Generation [2023]

Published by Jérémy Lebourgeois,

The 31 Best Linkedin Toolsfor Lead Generation [2023]

Published by Jérémy Lebourgeois,

No matter what your prospecting and lead generation methods are, you’ll find Linkedin prospecting tools that match you in this list.

Whether it’s prospecting on Linkedin and then making phone prospecting or mailing. You will find everything you need to project your sales pitch and build a prospecting strategy in this list.

The Official Linkedin Tools

1. Linkedin Sales Navigator
2. The Linkedin Chrome plugin
3. The Linkedin Mobile App

LinkedIn Automation Tools 

4. Waalaxy
5. Zopto
6. Phantom Buster
7. Octopus CRM
8. ProspectIn
9. SalesFlow
10. LeadIn
11. Closely
12. Linkedin Helper
13. LaGrowthMachine
14. Lemlist
15. Dripify
16. NeoDeal
17. Meet Alfred
18. Dux Soup
19. Expandi
20. Demand

Tools to Analyse Your Linkedin Prospects 

21. Crystal
22. Discoverly

LinkedIn Scraping Tools 

23. Captain Data
24. Kasper
25. Surfe
26. Derrick
27. Wiza
28. LeadCrush
29. Evaboot
30. Pharow
31. Datananas

The Official Linkedin Tools for Lead Generation

1. Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator d

Unsurprisingly, at number 1, we find Linkedin Sales Navigator. The premium version of Linkedin that allows you to add filters and identify qualified leads as accurately as possible for your prospecting plan. This is the most useful tool to target your ideal client and your target audience. The majority of your prospecting tools and actions can only be enhanced by LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

What’s more, you are also given credits to send Inmails to arrive directly in the mailbox of your Linkedin prospects.

2. The Linkedin Chrome Plugin

Linkedin Chrome Extension

This browser extension for Google Chrome has been officially created by Linkedin.

It lights up with a red notification in your taskbar when you receive a notification or a message on Linkedin.

Clicking on the extension’s icon will take you directly to Linkedin which can increase your productivity. It’s a very useful shortcut.

3. The Linkedin Mobile App

Linkedin mobile app

Linkedin also has a mobile app available on Android and iOS.

This way, you can continue your communication with prospects from your smartphone without having to have your nose glued to your computer screen.

A handy application to prospect on Linkedin while on the go.

Linkedin Automation Tools

Warning! Linkedin is against automated Linkedin prospecting. It is possible that your Linkedin account will be banned by using these tools. You use them at your own risk.

If you want to sell more and better, use HelpIn: 100% human Linkedin prospecting, 0% automated and pricing based on results. A nicer way of messaging and entering the inbox of your potential clients.

The rates indicated below are indicative, discounts are often applicable if you subscribe for a year.

4. Waalaxy

Waalaxy Linkedin

Waalaxy is an all-in-one Linkedin prospecting tool allowing you to automate your prospection on Linkedin and by email in a 100% automated way. You can test several prospecting scenarios with A/B/C testing to combine a prospecting email with a Linkedin message for example. A powerful outbound strategy to generate sales leads with both email-marketing and Linkedin.

It’s a freemium tool that can allow you to start for free and that has been developed in France.

Price: Between 0€ and 60€ per month.

5. Zopto

Zopto Linkedin

We cross the English Channel and arrive at Zopto, another Linkedin prospecting automation tool for your marketing campaign.

The company is British and according to them, their big selling point is that they have the most intuitive platform on the market and they use LinkedIn responsibly, reducing the chances of getting a warning or restriction on your Linkedin account.

They also offer a dedicated Customer Success Manager and unlimited live chat support available for most time zones.

Pricing: 3 offers ranging from $172/month for a single Linkedin account to $688 for 5+ accounts.

6. Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster Linkedin

Another Linkedin prospecting automation tool produced in France. 

According to their website, Phantom Buster is used by 100,000+ companies, including Pinterest and Qonto.

Pricing: You can test their offer for 14 days for free, then their modules range from $59 to $399 per month depending on your needs.

7. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM Linkedin

Octopus is an all-in-one Linkedin prospecting tool for marketers, business owners and recruiters.

Their main selling point (according to our research), are their video tutorials that walks you through getting started with the prospecting software and your outbound campaign.

Pricing: You can test their tool for free for 7 days. Their offers then range from $6.99 to $24.99 per month.

8. ProspectIn

Prospectin Linkedin

Founded in Toulouse, France in 2018, this tool promises to increase your conversion rate by 20 times compared to sending emails, cut your prospecting time by 10 times and quadruple your number of generated leads.

Pricing: A one-week free trial is offered, then pricing ranges from 0€ to 119.99€ per month.

9. SalesFlow

SalesFlow Linkedin

With over 10,000 users including the well-known Hubspot, SalesFlow is one of the automation startups on Linkedin.

Their main competitive advantage: the automation tool is cloud-based and uses static IP addresses to ensure secure prospecting while running on autopilot. With SalesFlow, you can set up integrations so that LinkedIn data is sent directly into your CRM system using Zapier.

Pricing: There are several pricing options ranging from $89 per user to a $429 per month offer where the campaign is created and managed for you by Salesflow.

10. LeadIn


LeadIn claims to be the #1 intelligent Linkedin & Email automation software that is 100% unlimited and cloud-based.

This Linkedin prospecting solution used by Canal+, Adobe or Paypal has a multilingual support team available from Monday to Friday from 8am – 12am and Saturday to Sunday from 11am – 7pm, and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. Perfect to develop your customer base.

Pricing: 2 offers, one at 97€ and the other at 260€ per month.

11. Closely

Closely Linkedin

Closely is a Linkedin automation tool that sets out because of its verification tool for emails retrieved from Linkedin and its compliance with GDPR regulations.

With 177 customer recommendations, Closely is one of the young Linkedin automation startups to get in touch with your future customers.

Price: 4 offers are available. A free 0€ offer to test and then a 59$ monthly offer, 99$ and another one at 199$ to prospect with 5 Linkedin accounts.

12. Linked Helper

LinkedHelper2 linkedin eng

With IBM and Microsoft in its client portfolio and a mention on the Forbes website, Linkedin Helper makes a strong impression. Prospect potential clients with this prospecting tool.

Pricing: Their offer is available according to the desired duration: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

The longer the commitment, the lower the cost and in any case you can test the prospecting software for 14 days for free.

The paid offer starts at 15€ per month, for a one month commitment.

13. LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine Linkedin eng

LaGrowthMachine (often abbreviated to LGM) is a Linkedin automation tool that offers some very interesting guarantees for your lead-generation:

• 14 days free trial
• No credit card required
• Cancel at any time

Moreover, you can prospect by email, Linkedin and on Twitter with this tool.

Price: From 80€ per month to 220€. A discount is given if you commit to 1 year.

14. Lemlist

Lemlist Linkedin

Another French company that deals with automating your message sequences on Linkedin and your follow-ups to prospect companies there.

Initially designed for emailing campaigns, Linkedin is integrated in some of their offers. A versatile commercial tool.

Price: 99$ per month for the offer including Linkedin

Some of their customers: Uber, Malt, Zendesk or Meero.

And they have a Facebook group with more than 13 000 members. A great community to rely on!

15. Dripify

Dripify Linkedin

This Linkedin prospecting tool emphasizes 2 things:

  • Security: an IP address close to your home will be allocated to the software that will be connected to your account to avoid being suspicious in the eyes of Linkedin
  • Support: They offer a 24/7 support, which is very convenient if you encounter a problem during a campaign.

Pricing: Starts at $39 and goes up to $79 per month per user.

16. NeoDeal

Neodeal linkedin eng

NeoDeal also offers a prospecting software to take advantage of Linkedin, the most efficient platform to generate BtoB leads.

But their offer is more focused on support with coaching sessions and assistance in writing sales scripts to build a marketing plan with a sales funnel and lead nurturing strategy I presume.

According to their website, they get a 20 to 30% response rate.

Price: 990€ per year or 290€ per quarter. And a starter offer at 990€ to set up the campaign with you.

17. Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred Linkedin

Having worked with Amazon and Airbus, Meet Alfred is one of the most versatile Linkedin automation tools. Whether it’s Linkedin scraping, automated  lead generation campaigns in chat, but also via Emails.

Price: From 35€/month and up to 450€ for 10 users.

What we liked about them: honesty. Compared to many others that play on words to reassure you and make you believe that you will never be banned from Linkedin by using automation tools (which Linkedin often considers as Spam).

Meet Alfred says it up front and makes you aware of the risk rather than hiding it from you.

18. Dux Soup

Dux Soup Linkedin

With 70,000+ users, Dux Soup is a proven tool. Zapier, Pipedrive and Hubspot are part of their customer portfolio.

You can test the tool for 14 days for free.

Pricing: The pricing will really vary depending on what you want to do on Linkedin. Beyond the free offer that visits profiles. After that, you’ll have to pay $11.25 per month to start prospecting.

19. Expandi

Expandi Linkedin

This Dutch company has created a Linkedin + email prospecting tool. And their promise is pretty strong: “Launch your first campaign in 15 minutes and see results in 24 hours.”  Quite the lead gen promise !

The tool will soon be available in German and Danish.

Pricing: $99 per month. One price with a 7-day trial period.

20. Demand

Demand Linkedin

Demand (or Usedemand) is a Linkedin automation tool that focuses on ice-breakers, those sentences used as conversation hooks and that allow you to break the ice from the first contact. According to their website, these ice-breakers allow to increase x4 the acceptance rate of connection requests. This means that you can send a more relevant automated message than with other tools.

Pricing: Starting at $99 per month per user. A free trial is available.

Tools to Analyse your Linkedin Leads

21. Crystal

Crystal Linkedin Eng

Crystal analyzes Linkedin profiles and gives you personalized advice to write your emails and prepare your sales calls.

This artificial intelligence allows you to know and qualify your prospects before you even meet them. A real asset in B2B marketing to sell and create a connection more easily.

Prospecting with this tool allows you to increase your conversion rate by 31% according to Crystal. Quite a useful tool for every linkedin lead generation strategies.

Pricing: This is a freemium Chrome extension. You can view up to 10 profiles per month for free. For more, you will have to upgrade to the $49 per month offer.

22. Discoverly

Discoverly Linkedin is a free Chrome extension that connects your Linkedin prospect to the rest of their web activity. In short, it allows you to easily learn more about your prospect by quickly analyzing their Facebook, Google etc. profile. Quite a useful tool for sales reps.

This will allow you to find an approach to contact your potential client in a more personalized way.

Pricing: Free

Linkedin Scraping Tools

23. Captain Data

Captain Data Linkedin

Captain Data is a company from Nantes, France that allows you to retrieve information from your prospects on Linkedin and integrate them into your CRM. This allows you to enrich your campaigns, and even integrate the tool with Lemlist, LaGrowthMachine and Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Pricing: A 14-day trial is offered, then offers starting at $399 per month are available for companies with additional needs.

24. Kaspr

Kasper Linkedin eng

Kaspr has over 40,000 active Users and promises you access to over 120 million emails and over 90 million phone numbers. It is a Chrome extension that allows you to directly see the personal data of your prospects. This saves you a lot of time to make cold calls or send a prospecting email to your target.

Moreover, the tool respects the RGPD and the CCPA and offers many integrations with your CRMs. Perfect for cold-calling your Linkedin targets.

Pricing: 0€, 30€ or 45€ depending on your needs.

25. Surfe

Surfe Linkedin

Surfe (previously called Leadjet) is another Chrome extension and allows you to automatically add every Linkedin profile you visit directly into your CRM. Perfect for your digital prospecting and to grow your business.

Pricing: A free version at 0€ and then 23€, 29€, 59€ per month. Offers for each type of use.

26. Derrick

Derrick App Linkedin

Derrick allows you to download lists of leads from Linkedin to a Google Sheet file. As the tool exports all data to Google Sheet, it can be integrated with many other software: Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Mailchimp… Very useful to create a prospecting file quickly.

Prices: From 0€ to 15€ per month. A very cheap tool.

27. Wiza

Wiza linkedin

More than 30,000 companies use this tool, including Google, Microsoft and Salesforce. Linkedin data extraction is not always smooth, especially for Linkedin Sales Navigator. This tool works perfectly with Sales Navigator. Perfect for creating your prospecting base.

Again, this is a Chrome extension.

Prices: 30$, 50$ or 100$ depending on your needs.

28. LeadCrush

leadcrush linkedin

“The cheapest way to export leads and their email addresses from LinkedIn.”  That’s what LeadCrush promises.

Pricing: You can test the tool for free for 3 weeks. Their offers range from $9.99 to $79.99 depending on the number of emails to be retrieved.

29. Evaboot

Evaboot Linkedin Eng

Their promise: “Scrape Linkedin Sales Navigator in 1 click”. This Chrome extension allows you to extract a Linkedin Sales Navigator search into a CSV file and get their emails.

Security bonus: The site promises that the tool respects the RGPD and Linkedin limitations.

Pricing: It depends on what you want to export. From 29€ to 199€ per month.

30. Pharow

Pharow Linkedin Eng

This company from Paris offers a very interesting tool. In addition to collecting classic data (emails, phone numbers, etc.), it also shows the news of the companies to be able to contact them at the most convenient time. A good way to sign new B2B contracts thanks to an ultra-precise targeting.

Pricing: From 125€ to 300€/month.

31. Datananas

Datananas Linkedin Eng

Another French company specialized in automated B2B lead generation. This tool specializes in email prospecting BUT offers an interesting Linkedin functionality. If your prospects are identifiable on Linkedin but you want to contact them by email then Datananas is the perfect tool.

Datananas should be seen as an email prospecting tool with a Linkedin supplement.

Pricing: From 60€ to 120€/month.


You now have everything you need to find clients on Linkedin and build lead generation files from Linkedin.

But if you are still lost in your business prospecting. Book a consulting call with us.

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